Assembling the pieces of an effective energy-storage strategy

Resource management: An end-to-end architecture for the energy storage in the grid 

Engineers interested in saving and storing electrical power had their first success in 1880 with the first rechargeable, lead-acid battery. Interest in reliable, large-scale energy storage is greater than ever today, mainly to smooth fluctuations and enhance the quality of power from renewable-energy sources.

Renewable-energy developers and utilities need to get beyond thinking of energy-storage technology as a simple reservoir of power they can tap when needed. Effectively incorporating energy storage requires a more holistic, end-to-end architecture that integrates the many with each other and with the grid.

This white paper briefly describes the required elements of this architecture:
  • Storage media
  • Power electronic conversion
  • System-level control
  • Grid-level control
  • Forecasting and optimization
  • Technology validation
  • Battery energy storage
Reading this white paper will raise your understanding of the pieces of the energy storage puzzle and how they must fit together.

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