Rules and tools for digital safety

Protection from cyber threats: Can utilities and industries afford a cyber security breach?

The internet of things promises higher productivity, convenience, and connectedness. Devices throughout manufacturing and process facilities increasingly incorporate interfaces that link them to the network, resulting in huge potential improvements in both control and productivity. But the connectedness comes at a cost since it creates new and often vulnerable points of attack by hackers. 

In this white paper, you will learn:
  • How and why your systems are increasingly vulnerable to attack
  • The challenges to protecting your systems
  • How ABB protects systems with its Cyber Security Fingerprint
This non-invasive tool analyzes a system and identifies its cyber-security risks. System owners receive a list of recommendations for plugging potential breaches and better securing the system. Once recommended changes have been implemented, the system is regularly re-evaluated to ensure the corrective measures are still doing the job. 

Considering the intensity of hacker activity, there’s no absolute guarantee of system security. But analysis tools like the Cyber Security Fingerprint provide a greatly enhanced level of confidence in your system’s security. 

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