Learn how you can drive operational excellence through data integration

The Data Core: Driving utility operational excellence through data integration

Learn how you can drive operational excellence through data integration. Data is at the core of a modern utility, highly sought and meticulously gathered—and then left to sit in silos, misunderstood and underutilized. Utilities must find a way to break down those data silos if they are to build the complete picture of their business – but how?

ABB+Zpryme surveyed 150 North American utility executives, focusing on how data—and its critical role in generating the total picture of physical assets—can positively impact key areas across a utility such as asset health management, distributed energy resource management, cyber security and customer engagement.

This report reveals that there are numerous opportunities available to utilities as they begin to break down the silos across their organizations and connect different data sources to make more fully informed decisions.

Download this free report and you can learn:
  • What the top drivers are behind improving analytics efforts
  • How the next-gen utility efforts will change an organizations’ data and asset management needs
  • What top 3 areas utilities plan to invest in during the next 5 years
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