Tap the data in your network to build its strength and security

Leveraging technology to reduce risk and optimize reliability

It’s a harsh world out there. Your power distribution network faces the typical reliability risks of any complex, asset-intensive system. Those risks are amplified by the increasing age of many of those assets. Add in the increased threats from storms and physical attacks, and it’s easy to see why power providers are more concerned than ever about maintaining system reliability. 

Where can operators find solutions to their need to reduce risks and boost reliability? It’s right there in their asset health data. This white paper includes three action plans to guide utilities in their evolution to a more data-based maintenance approach that will maximize system reliability:
  • Action plan #1: Reduce risk through analytic-based predictive maintenance 
  • Action plan #2: Implement a storm preparation and recovery strategy
  • Action plan #3: Adopt synchronized microgrids
As utility managers and engineers look for the best path toward more reliability, many are finding they need to look no further than the data already available to them. Read this white paper to learn how you can mine this rich lode of information to enhance your network’s reliability.  

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