E-Mobility Builds a New Age Utility Company 

The electrification of transportation creates new opportunities for utilities companies

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E-Mobility is not a new concept, but in the past five years, there has been an abrupt advancement in key market drivers and technologies. With that, comes a need for utility companies to address the changes in the energy industry and take advantage of opportunities. With trends in the energy industry such as decarbonization, decentralization, the decrease in battery prices, and fossil fuel volatility, e-mobility is seeing tremendous growth worldwide.

From the perspective of Power Consulting at ABB, utilities can gain from opportunities such as increased electricity demand load, new investments and business models, smart charging, and ancillary services, all of which lead to new businesses and increased revenue streams for utility companies.

Download this white paper to dive deeper into the factors that are shifting the market, and how utility companies can leverage e-mobility to diversify and increase their revenue streams in the changing energy eco-system.

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